Why Choose Us?

At Breaking Free with Horse, you’ll learn why you’ve struggled with addictions and other issues and how to cope in healthier ways. At the same time, you’ll reconnect with and grow to accept and love your true self and overcome what the disease of addiction has made you feel!

Here are a few reasons our treatment centers stand out from the rest:

An Environment

That Healing and Self-Discovery

Instead of just addressing the symptoms of substance abuse and other issues, the horses help  you dig deeper and explore what it is that propels self-protective actions that are no longer working for you. Within a nurturing and non-judgmental space, you’ll develop healthy behaviors and thought patterns that promote self-care, honesty, integrity and joy so that you can stand strong in recovery.

Personalized Care

That Respects Individuality

At Breaking Free with Horses, individualized Counseling is also an option . Our specially trained team ensure that we can create truly personalized treatment plans. Whether it’s the 12 Steps, faith-based treatment, Psycho-educational, process, written assignments and journaling and therapeutic approaches regarding equine-assisted psychotherapy, you’ll have the opportunity to discover what is most healing for you.

Skilled, Passionate Professionals

to Guide You to on your new journey in Recovery

Our experienced staff will be there to guide you throughout your recovery journey. Our treatment teams include licensed and highly credentialed professionals. Breaking Free with Horses is a truly collaborative effort where all members work together to collaborate and combine their unique specializations and talents to give each client the best care possible.  We aim to give our clients exceptional, compassionate, life-changing experience.


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Thank you for your interest! I am happy to help you and look forward to horsing around!


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